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The internet is full of different web hosting companies for people to choose from nowadays. While it is always nice to have options, it can become quite confusing deciphering one from the next. For this reason, it is important you narrow your options down according to what you are looking for. So what are your options you may ask if you are looking for a drag and drop site builder?


The good news is there are a number of web hosting companies that do offer a drag and drop website builder. To help narrow down your options that much more, let’s stick to the top three out there today.


To start, you are going to want to look at Hub, otherwise known as Webhostinghub. This hosting company offers a comprehensive web hosting plan for just $3.95 each month with an industry leading 90-day money back guarantee that helps assure you will not leave unsatisfied.


There are countless benefits that come with this hosting company including unlimited space, unlimited transfer, a free domain forever, and the ability to host an unlimited number of domains. Most importantly, it offers an easy-to-use site builder with a drag and drop capability to create web pages without any difficulty. No matter how experienced you are, the finished page will display exactly the way you design it.


The next hosting company to take a look at is BlueHost. It has the reputable image of being named the Most Reliable Web Host of 2012, which speaks volumes to the kind of service you will receive. You will receive full-featured web hosting for $4.50 a month through this company. It also offers a free domain forever, unlimited space, the ability to host an unlimited number of domains, and a free site builder.


HostMonster offers an easy-to-use drag and drop website builder that is also known as a WYSIWYG program. This stands for “what you see is what you get.” By the time you wrap up with the design, you will be amazed as to what you have created.


The final hosting company worth checking out that offers a drag and drop site builder is GoldPuma. GoldPuma offers full-service web hosting packages that start as low as $3.95 per month. This is easily one of the lowest cost personal web hosting plans on the web you will find while still receiving a reliable and trustworthy product. And as requested, it does have a site builder that will help you create a masterpiece with little experience whatsoever.


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