Score Another 20 Percent off the $3.95 per Month Price


IX Web Hosting offers affordability, security, and reliability, the three most important things that most people look for when shopping for a website hosting provider. However, what most people do not know is that the affordability is even greater than you might think. If you know one little secret, you can get an even lower price than the one IX Web Hosting advertises!


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Of course, before you start hunting for discounts, you need to know that IX Web Hosting will work for your web hosting needs.


IX Web Hosting does not use cPanel, but its H-Sphere web hosting is quite simple, offering you a “desktop” with icons pointing to the various categories you will need. The host’s website gives you a demo you can play with to see if you understand and like the control panel.


Other than that, the features are pretty standard. They include:

• 2,500 email accounts
• SSL Certificate
• Front Page Extensions
• MySQL Databases (50 of them)
• Languages: Perl, PHP, Ruby on Rails, CGI
• Shopping Carts
• Audio/Video streaming
• Spam Assassin
• Website Statistics
• Webmail
• Website Templates


In addition, you get a free domain name for life and free search engine marketing credits.


The Pricing Plan


Like most of the top web hosting companies, IX Web Hosting offers several plans. Most experts agree that the plan that offers the greatest mixture of affordability and features is the Expert Plan. This plan’s pricing breaks down as follows:


• Three months: $7.95 per month
• Six months: $6.95 per month
• Twelve months: $4.95 per month
• Twenty-four or more months: $3.95 per month


In addition, IX Web Hosting charges a $30 set-up fee and $10 domain registration fee. These are waived if you choose a one-year or longer plan. These are fairly comparable prices, but you have not yet found the secret to get the price even lower.


What’s the Big Secret?


IX Web Hosting wants to be the most affordable option out there, but they are still in business to make money. As such, they have created a way to reward the more observant customer by placing a secret link on the company’s website that gives those who find it an extra 20 percent off the provider’s price.


As per the rules of the site, we cannot give out the link to the discount. However, finding it is not difficult. When you enter the IX Web Hosting home page, scroll down to the bottom where you see all of the “fine print” links. There you will see “Secret Link.” Go ahead and click on it. It’s not a virus, malware, or anything else dangerous, but rather is the place you need to go to save money.


The Rules


The 20 percent discount is applicable to one, two, or three-year contracts. Also, it only works for new contracts, not existing ones that need to be renewed. The discount would drop the price to $3.16 per month for the two or three-year contract or $3.96 for the one-year contract. There is no other catch to getting the discount. You simply need to know where to look.

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