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Coldfusion Hosting


With ColdFusion Hosting you can build and deploy powerful web applications and web services with far less training time and fewer lines of code than ASP, PHP, and JSP. ColdFusion is the fastest way to build and deliver scalable applications that integrate browser, server and database technologies. From e-commerce to business automation, from intranets to the Internet, ColdFusion gives you the power to develop and deploy advanced systems quickly and easily.

01. Uplink Earth   (
02. CFDynamics  (
03. EasyCGI  (
04. CFX Hosting   (
05. Online Corp.  (
06. FusionLink  (
07. GothamWeb  (
08. Intent.Net  (
09. HostMySite   (
10. AdHost   (
11. DailyRazor   (
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ColdFusion Web Hosting Company Reviews

01. Uplink Earth
There are two ColdFusion web hosting packages for $13 and $17/month. Another option is to add ColdFusion MX 7 to any of the six standard hosting plans for $8/month, thus providing a more robust set of features.

02. CFDynamics
This web hosting company is completed focused on ColdFusion. Therefore, all hosting categories including shared, semi-dedicated (aka VPS) and dedicated only provide CF packages. Prices range from $20/month for a basic shared plan to $600 for an enhanced dedicated server.

03. Edge Web Hosting
While DailyRazor (#11) has some of the lowest prices, this host has one of the widest selections of ColdFusion web hosting plans. In the shared hosting category alone there are four plans each for ColdFusion 5, ColdFusion MX 6.1 and ColdFusion MX 7.

04. CFX Hosting
Another ColdFusion specialist that should be solid financially as a division of Find ColdFusion hosting plans at every level, starting with shared packages from $25 to $90/month that support a wide range of ColdFusion tags. VPS plans are $189 and $229 if paid monthly and numerous dedicated solutions range from $179 to $799/month.

05. Online Corp
Did you notice the “wink” from the live chat girl? Anyway, proceed to the ColdFusion hosting page where there are four packages that support CF 5, 6.1 and MX7. Prices start at a very affordable $15/month and range up to $99/month for the VPS plan. Four dedicated ColdFusion server options are available as well.

06. FusionLink
An old school ColdFusion hosting company with a variety of plans including shared, preferred, dedicated and colocation. The “preferred” plans are similar to VPS providing more power with a limit of 10 accounts per box. The value plan is worth a look at $75/month on sale.

07. Gotham Web
You won’t find Batman but you will find three Windows hosting packages that support ColdFusion by referring to this comparison chart. Note that CF is not available in the “Lite” plan, but is included in the others which range from $25 - $50/month plus a $20 set-up fee.

08. Intent.Net
If your ColdFusion web hosting needs are small and you like working with Mom & Pop companies, then this is your host. They offer a basic ColdFusion package for only $10/month that supports CF5. Otherwise, choose from two higher level packages with more features.

09. HostMySite
Provides support for ColdFusion in its high-end Linux plan and in two of its application and database hosting packages. The prices are very reasonable with a one year contract ranging from $20 - $28/month. ColdFusion is also supported on the Windows VPS hosting plan.

10. AdHost
This web host caters to the Seattle market. In its web hosting comparison chart, there are three plans which support ColdFusion MX7 ranging from $40 to $100/month. Go with an annual contract and save 10 – 15%.

11. DailyRazor
This is one of the cheapest ColdFusion web hosting companies out there. The “CF Starter” package starts at $6/month if paid yearly and only increases to $8 when paying monthly. Need more disk storage and bandwidth? There are four more affordable packages available including “CF Reloaded” which has 6,000 MB of storage and 100 gigabytes of bandwidth.

Offers ColdFusion web hosting plans in addition to Windows and Linux. Also provides a very detailed comparison chart of its three ColdFusion plans which range from $40 - $100/month with an annual contract. Although more expensive, these packages are feature-rich.

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