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Dedicated Hosting


Dedicated Web Hosting services are the solution for those who do not like to share. We are talking about a fully customizable machine that is wholly at your disposal. If you want to tweak the Operating System...go for it. If you want to install a third party's all yours. Maybe you want control over vital system settings of the server itself...well, they are at your fingertips. Not only does your Dedicated Server provide you this freedom, but you also do not have to share bandwidth or drive space with other hosting customers. With Dedicated Hosting you are in your own little world!

01. 1&1   (
02. Infinology   (
03. Superb Hosting   (
04. Hostway   (
05. UplinkEarth   (
06. Aplus.Net   (
07. Rackspace   (
08. Via Net.Works   (
09. C I Host   (
10. ServePath   (
11. ValueWeb   (
12. Server Pronto   (

Dedicated Web Hosting Company Reviews

01. 1&1 Internet
Offers three types of dedicated web servers (root, managed, windows) with the option of four different hardware specifications. Prices range from $99 - $419 monthly depending on the combination of server type and power. Check out the dedicated comparison chart for details.

02. Infinology
If you don't mind an ugly website, Infinology offers three server models that run FreeBSD, RedHat Linux or Windows 2000. Prices are mid-range from $189 to $655/month and they tout 24-7 support from trained technicians along with convenient month-to-month contracts.

03. Superb Hosting
Provides multiple dedicated server options at the lower price range of $59 to $349/month. Servers support Windows, FreeBSD and several versions of Linux including CentOS. A variety of Intel chips are used including the Pentium 4, Celeron, Core 2 Duo and Dual Xeon. Superb Hosting is ranked first in the dedicated web hosting category by WebHost Magazine.

04. Hostway
Choose from four service levels and multiple server options. Get a basic dedicated server with root access for $99/month or call in to get a quote on their "Multiple Server Series" managed hosting solution which includes load balancing and database clustering.

05. UplinkEarth
This host takes a more consultative approach to the process by asking potential customers to call in or submit their information for a customized solution and quote. There's a higher level of interaction with UplinkEarth and as a result, prices start at $250/month. But maybe you prefer some handholding . . .

06. Aplus.Net
Offers six different server types running Fedora, FreeBSD or Windows. Costs range from $100 - $349/month. Also have a limited inventory of "value" (aka old) servers that range from $49 - $129 month, a nice option for the right project. Servers use CPUs from both Intel and AMD including the Intel Core 2 Duo and Athlon Dual Core.

07. Rackspace
Rackspace takes a different approach with its customized, dedicated hosting solutions. No cookie-cutters here; tell them what you want and they will provide it along with the best customer service in the business. Note that Rackspace only provides managed web hosting.

08. Via Net.Works
"Reliable dedicated hosting with no contracts" is the value proposition. Prices start at $89/month with support for Windows, Linux and SharePoint. Three different server specs are available for each operating platform.

09. C I Host
Has six different server configurations for Linux, Windows and FreeBSD ranging from $99/month to $2,499/month (the high-end also has a $5,000 setup fee). If you're in a bind and need a server fast, they offer a unique "Instant Server" service that is available in 20 minutes - definitely worth bookmarking.

10. ServePath
Offers five different server lines from small business to enterprise level for various types of Windows and Linux operating platforms. Prices range from $99 - $899/month and the service is backed by a "10,000% guarantee" that you will have 100% uptime and 1 hour hardware replacement. Sorry, but I need a 100,000% guarantee . . .

11. ValueWeb
Their server lineup is limited to Linux Fedora and Windows 2003 operating systems, but they offer six different server options for each. Prices start at $99/month for Linux and $124 for Windows. If you are big on first impressions, ValueWeb has one of the finest sites out there.

12. Server Pronto
Completely focused on dedicated web hosting services. They offer one of the widest ranges of packages with 8 different server types that support multiple versions of Linux, BSD and Windows. There are also several value options on the menu ranging from $30/month to $70/month. Servers use Pentium 4 and AMD processors.

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