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Domain Names


A good web domain name is an important business asset. You have probably heard that "all the good names have been taken already" -- there is some truth to this. Fortunately, there are more ways to get a domain name than simply registering a new one, although this is usually the least expensive option.

It is possible to find domain name owners who are willing to sell for a negotiated fee using a popular Domain Broker & Escrow service that works in the "secondary market." In fact, some of these services even provide financing so that you can make the investment in a "premium" domain that will make a greater long-term contribution to your business. Premium domains appreciate (like real estate) and make a company more memorable online. This leads to increased return traffic and sales. Another choice is to take advantage of expiring registrations with a Domain Backorder.

Domain Registrars

01. 1&1   (
Considered a web hosting company more so than a domain registrar, but they offer the cheapest domain names that we have seen. At $5.99 per domain, this is lower than most bulk rates.
02. GoDaddy   (
Popular and cheap with a strong service record. Also provides lots of ancillary services like a marketplace for buying and selling domains called the “The Domain Name Aftermarket” or “TDNAM” for short.
03. Dotster   (
Another reputable option with a site that is very easy to use; provides web hosting services as well.

Domain Name Brokers & Escrow Services

01. (
One of the best places to find and acquire premium domain names at a reasonable price. The website has a great search feature which makes it very easy to scour through hundreds of listings. Domain financing is also available here, provided by Domain Capital (see below).

02. GreatDomains (
Another good source of premium domains, especially high-end, six-figure names. The prominent search and browsing features on the home page make it very easy to quickly check what’s available by category, TLD (top level domain) and price.

03. Afternic   (
Here you can find secondary market domains and actual websites for sale. This is key if you want to start with a domain name that already has a reputation with the search engines.

04.   (
Does not sell or broker domains, but provides a mechanism for safely executing the sale of a premium domain between buyer and seller.

Domain Name Backorder Companies

We haven’t tried any of these services, but the sites below are well known in the industry for specializing in backordering domains.

01. SnapNames   (
02. NameWinner   (

03.   (

Domain Name Financing

01. Domain Capital   (
Once approved, Domain Capital will finance a portion of your domain purchase, giving you greater flexibility to obtain a more valuable name. It’s a simple process and they are very client focused. Interest rates are reasonable as well (probably lower than your credit card).

More Domain Name Resources

01. Domain Age Tool (
Want to know how old a domain is and what the site looked like back in the day? This will give you the age and a snapshot utilizing the “Wayback Machine.”

02. Yahoo! Link Harvester (
This is really useful when buying a domain name with an existing website. It displays the links pointing to the site from other websites (sometimes called “link popularity”). The relevance and importance of the sites linking-in should be considered during the valuation process.

03. Zetetic Domain Appraisals   (
In our opinion, the best source for reliable domain appraisals based on their methodology, experience and reputation. Additionally, they do not broker domains or offer other domain services that could potentially lead to a conflict of interest.  

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