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Managed Hosting


Managed Web Hosting solutions allow you to outsource the handling of your web-based operations in order to reduce the inherent cost and complexity normally associated with such a virtual venture. Managed Hosts already possess the necessary tools and the expertly trained IT staff with the ability to administer and monitor your site, server, or services so that you can relax and focus your energies on other aspects of your business.

01. Datapipe   (
02. Media3   (
03. Hostway   (
04. NeoSpire   (
05. Rackspace   (
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07. Verio   (
08. C I Host   (
09. NetNation   (
10. BroadSpire   (
11. INetU   (
12. Hosted Solutions   (

Managed Web Hosting Company Reviews

01. DataPipe
Provides a good explanation of managed web hosting services - going beyond the concept of just dedicated servers. They offer two types of managed hosting packages: "standard" and "fully" managed. The latter comes with an assigned project manager.

02. Media3 Technologies
Managed hosting solutions are provided for Windows 2003 and BSD UNIX. There are three recommended configurations for each platform that range from $898 to $1,375/month with a $350 setup fee. Servers can also be customized.

03. Hostway
Offers managed web hosting services under the "Prime7" enterprise brand. The "7" represents the core components of the service: server & device administration, security, deployment & scaling, reporting, hardware maintenance, monitoring, backup & recovery. One of Hostway's keys is its global footprint: 11 data centers in 7 different countries.

04. NeoSpire
Choose from three service levels including a base plan and an enhanced managed hosting package. In the basic service, once the server is configured, you perform all the ongoing administration. In the enhanced plan, NeoSpire provides ongoing administrative support at the network and server level.

05. Rackspace
Rackspace takes a different approach with its customized, dedicated hosting solutions. No cookie-cutters here; tell them what you want and get it along with the best customer service in the business. A truly worry-free hosting experience with reasonable prices (hey, you get what you pay for).

Although they don't list prices, blatantly admits to being more expensive than many companies because they use higher quality equipment (reverse psychology, eh?). Check out their "Signature" series and you decide. A nice graphic that illustrates different server configurations is provided-from single servers, to load balanced, to server clusters.

07. Verio
Find multiple managed web hosting options for FreeBSD, Red Hat Linux and Windows. Prices range from $300/month for the "Basic" package to $900/month for the "Pro Plus" plan. The "Pro" package for Linux/FreeBSD is featured: 146 GB storage and 2 terabytes of monthly bandwidth for $600/month.

08. C I Host
Specific managed hosting information is hard to come by at the website, but the "Enterprise Solution" is essentially a managed service that includes a dedicated engineer, business continuity support and the ability to configure a custom network.

09. NetNation
With its parent company (Hostway) targeting the enterprise market, NetNation provides more affordable managed web hosting services. Prices start as low as $199/month for both Red Hat Linux and Windows 2003. Multi-server packages are available as well.

10. BroadSpire
Offers a unique "Five Nines" managed hosting system that guarantees 99.999% uptime (hence the name) or you receive a free month of hosting. In fact, they break-down the allowable downtime into seconds to 2-3 decimals for 28, 30 and 31 day months. I wonder how they handle Leap Year?

11. INetU
Choose from three configurable servers for Windows 2003, Red Hat Linux or FreeBSD. Also try searching for solutions by need or industry. It's a great website that quickly distills the business. The video tour provides an in-depth look into their facilities, a key differentiator.

12. Hosted Solutions
Formerly called SpringBoard Hosting, this managed web hosting specialist has three data centers in North Carolina and one in Boston. Take an online tour of their dashboard and facilities; the network operations center tour is interactive and very helpful.

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