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Key Features
cPanel Manage your website more easily
Fantastico Quickly increase website functionality
Front Page
Design your
own website
House a
customer list
Perl, PHP, Python, Flash Build your site
using a variety of languages
Shopping Carts Open an online store
Website Builder
(Free Demo)
Build your own website
SPAM Filter Protect against
SSL Secure
Exchange data safely with
website visitors
E-mail Accts
Add all the users
you need
Unlimited Space Room to grow
your website
Webmail Check e-mail
from any browser
Website Stats

Measure your

site's performance

WordPress Start your
own blog
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Fast, Easy, Good Service

Location: Waterville, OH
Year in Business: 10


SimpleHost keeps it simple with one comprehensive web hosting plan that meets the needs of many different website owners. It offers a free domain name, unlimited storage space to accommodate sites both big and small, an easy-to-use control panel (cPanel) and lots of free software to boost the functionality of your website. All of this is delivered with same-day setup to get you up-and-running quickly.


Part of being simple is providing intelligent and effective customer service. SimpleHost achieves this with an in-depth set of “Simple Tutorials” that combine text instructions with Flash videos to help you master a variety of topics, including how to create a POP e-mail account using cPanel. This is complemented by a FAQ with over 100 answers to common questions and a 24/7 online ticket system with response times of a couple hours or less.


While SimpleHost may seem more expensive than other hosts for a similar plan, the price marketed by many discount hosts is based on a 2 year period, while the SimpleHost plan is a 1 year term. When comparing 1 year contract prices across hosts, you’ll find that the SimpleHost price becomes very competitive.


SimpleHost is smart, simple and supportive. If you prefer a hosting solution that is fast and easy - more so than saving an extra buck each month - SimpleHost is worth the investment.


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Price & Plans
While SimpleHost does offer a variety of dedicated server packages for more advanced hosting, its focus is 1 shared hosting plan with 2 different payment options:

3 or 6 Months - $8.95/month
12 Months - $7.50/month


There is a $30.00 set-up fee and $14.95 domain registration on the 3-6 month terms. Meanwhile, the domain and set-up are free when selecting the 12 month contract.


When comparing payment options, the 12 month term is clearly a much better value Here’s why: the 3 month contract costs a total of $57 while the 12 month costs $90. So for less than twice the cost, the 12 month contract covers a time period that is 4 times longer.



See table (left) for a list of key features and benefits. For a complete list of features for all packages, visit SimpleHost.


Service at SimpleHost is more suited for website owners that like to help themselves. While there is a responsive 24/7 online ticket system and phone support, one can really benefit from the comprehensive video tutorials. There are also over 100 answers to frequently asked questions.


Space is unlimited, but realistically, your website would hit the monthly bandwidth restrictions at some point (see below). However, this isn’t a concern for most of us. In fact, this only becomes a consideration if your site is several hundred megabytes in size. As a benchmark, the typical website is 20 megabytes or less.


2,000 gigabytes per month; most sites need 10 gigabytes or less. If your site has very high traffic (several million page views per month) or is very image intensive, take a look at the dedicated server packages, which are competitively priced.



SimpleHost provides SSL (Secure Socket Layer) servers which ensure that any information exchanged between your visitors and the website is encrypted and safe. Individual SSL certificates are also available if you plan to sell products or services online. They provide additional security and a better image because the certificate appears in your company’s name rather than that of the web hosting firm.


The SimpleHost network is maintained by redundant Internet connections and state of the art equipment for unsurpassed performance and reliability. An advanced alert system monitors your website 24/7 so that if there is a problem, on-site technicians are immediately notified and can take corrective action within seconds. As a result, SimpleHost is able to provide 99.9% uptime.


Ease of Use
cPanel is one of the easiest and most well-known web hosting control panels to manage all aspects of your website, including e-mail. Try the demo at – it’s right there in the middle of the home page.


Purchase the one year plan and you’ll receive a free domain and free set-up for your hosting account. SimpleHost chooses to focus more on service and an easy-to-use hosting plan than giveaways, and many of its customers share the same values.


All accounts come with a 30 day money-back guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied, just ask for a full refund. It’s that simple.


SimpleHost isn’t as discount-oriented as other companies, but if simplicity and service are more important to you than price, it should still be one of your top web hosting choices.


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