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Unix/Linux Hosting


Open Source Platforms have long been heralded for their stability, security, and cat-like quickness. BSD Unix, as well as the many variants of Linux are feature rich server environments without the bloat of commercial operating systems. Performance and value are definitely the keys to this category of web hosts. These packages will greatly suit the more self-sufficient, tech savvy webmasters and development teams.

01. 1&1   (

02. Aplus.Net   (
03. SiteTurn   (
04. Apollo Hosting   (
05. Midphase   (
06. BlueHost  (
07. Speedfox   (
08. Superb Hosting   (
09. IPowerWeb   (
10. Lypha   (
11. WebSiteSource   (
12. Penguin Host   (

UNIX/Linux Web Hosting Company Reviews

01. 1&1 Internet
Similar to their Windows packages, 1&1 provides several affordable UNIX/Linux web hosting plans from the "Beginner" to "Developer" levels; prices range from $4 to $20/month. There are plenty of storage and bandwidth options plus website building tools and marketing services.

02. Aplus.Net
Choose from four UNIX web hosting plans using this nice UNIX comparison chart. Prices start at $6/month with an annual contract and include 300 MB storage and 25 GB of monthly transfer - plenty for most websites, but less than their comparable Windows plans.

03. SiteTurn Networks
The two basic shared hosting plans support either Linux or Windows for the same price: $8/month for the "Performance" package and $13 for "Performance Plus." Both packages provide adequate storage and bandwidth, although the "unlimited monthly transfer" for the larger plan is likely to have caveats.

04. Apollo Hosting
If you're new to the hosting game, this host provides a simple Linux vs. Windows FAQ. Three basic Linux plans are offered at the website: the value plan, business plan and "ecommercepro" plan. Prices range from $7/month for the value plan to $21/month for the e-commerce package. Red Hat Linux is also offered for its three dedicated server plans.

05. MidPhase
Two Linux shared hosting plans are available and multiple versions of Linux (Red Hat, Fedora, CentOS) are supported at the dedicated server level. The basic packages start at $8/month while dedicated Linux servers start at $180/month plus a $60 set-up fee.

06. BlueHost
One cheap Linux plan is all this host sells. For $6.95/month (with a 2 year prepaid contract), it delivers 300 GB of disk storage and 3,000 gigabytes of monthly bandwidth. It also includes lots of scripts and software, as well as open source e-commerce features.

07. Speedfox
Another cheap web hosting option that offers three Linux-supported shared hosting plans. The cheapest package ranges from $5 - $6/month depending if you prepay for 1 or 2 years. It offers 80 GB storage and 2,500 GB bandwidth. If first impressions are important, we found the Speedfox website to be a little shaky from a design perspective.

08. Superb Hosting
Two low cost UNIX web hosting plans are on the menu. The larger "Infinity" plan delivers four times the disk space for only double the cost. Note the billing option chart and see how prepayment impacts monthly cost. For instance, the basic hosting plan doubles in price when going from prepaying 2 years to paying monthly (not to mention the set-up fee, ouch!).

09. iPowerWeb
Provides one cheap Linux hosting plan at $8/month with an annual contract (save a buck/month by committing to two years). The remaining Linux plans are at the dedicated server level and start at $129/month.

10. Lypha
In this case, the smaller shared Linux hosting plan is a better value than the more expensive package from a storage and bandwidth perspective (it usually works the other way around). For almost half the cost, you get nearly the same amount of disk space and monthly transfer.

11. WebsiteSource
Review the detailed specifications on its three basic UNIX/Linux web hosting plans in this comparison chart. Prices start at $7/month. If you need more power, an assortment of VPS packages and dedicated server plans also support the Red Hat Linux operating system.

12. Penguin Host
This host only offers two Linux-based shared hosting plans; but focus can be a good thing, especially for customer service. As a result, Penguin Host boasts a help desk response time of about 1 hour. They also offer a deep assortment of how to videos for you Bob Vila types.

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