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Virtual Private Servers (VPS) Hosting


A Virtual Private Server (aka VPS or Virtual Dedicated Server) is a powerful asset for those organizations in the mid-range who need more power, flexibility, storage capacity, and bandwidth. Virtual Private Servers offer feature sets more like Dedicated Servers, but at a cost that is reminiscent of a Shared Web Hosting plan. This is accomplished by giving each shared account on the server its own drive partition. Being on a separate partition allows each VPS to have root access and its own bandwidth, increasing performance and providing the ability to run custom applications.

01. SiteTurn   (
02. WestHost   (
03. Apollo Hosting   (
04. VPS Land   (
05. WebSiteSource   (
06. Aplus.Net   (
07. Infinology   (
08. Bod Host   (
09. Interland   (
10. Rose Hosting   (
11. Global Servers   (
12. Spry   (

VPS Web Hosting Company Reviews

01. SiteTurn Networks
Choose from four different virtual private server (VPS) plans including "VPS Level 1" and "VPS Max." Prices start at $40/month for the smallest package, but look to the higher-priced plans for larger memory requirements.

02. West Host
Provides a nice overview of VPS technology as well as a useful VPS comparison chart. Although pricing starts as low as $3.95/month, you will likely be interested in one of the larger packages with more disk space and bandwidth.

03. Apollo Hosting
Watch out for the mean-looking avatar with the robotic voice! Below her find three VPS web hosting plans starting as low as $32/month. They offer a variety of guarantees such as "30 day money back," "no risk," "99.9% uptime," "price freeze" and "same day activation" - this is a nice addition to the VPS plan comparison charts.

04. VPS Land
If you're looking for one of the largest selections of VPS plans for Windows and Linux at the lowest prices, then this is the place. Choose from seven Linux VPS plans starting at $16/month with no extended contract! Meanwhile, there are five packages dedicated to Windows with similar payment options.

05. WebsiteSource
Four Linux-based VPS hosting plans are offered ranging from $35 to $105/month with a 2 year contract; month-to-month pricing is more expensive. For you RAM experts, this is one of the few hosts that lists burst RAM for its packages which are 2 - 4 gigabytes.

06. WestHost
Are you really cheap? If so, get a basic virtual private server plan for $3/month with a three year commitment. For a shorter contract and a plan with more features, consider upgrading to the one year "starter" plan for $8/month and add a dedicated IP for a buck.

07. Infinology
Prices are a little more expensive here, but reasonable with a three month contract. An in-depth comparison chart of the three VPS plans is provided and notes that the 1,000 MB of RAM and Dual Pentium III server chips are shared "among a few users." This is expected, but nice to see upfront.

08. Bod Host
This host specializes in dedicated and VPS web hosting. It sells an assortment of Windows and Linux VPS plans at affordable monthly rates with no set-up fees and a monthly billing cycle. No set-up fees + monthly billing cycle = I love you . . . not to mention the servers have quad four processors.

09. Interland
Only offers two virtual private server plans that are relatively expensive given the smaller amounts of disk storage and monthly bandwidth. However, if you're interested in a company with a strong financial background, Interland is owned by

10. Rose Hosting
Offers five VPS web hosting plans that support a variety of Linux OS and start at an affordable $30/month. In fact, if you find comparable VPS plans on the market for less, they'll match the offer. Also note that they provide the megabytes-per-second (Mbps) transfer rate in addition to total monthly bandwidth - that earns trust points.

11. Global Servers
Another host specializing in VPS hosting plans with three packages that range from $15 to $60/month with an annual contract. It's interesting that the VPS comparison chart starts with the highest priced packages first when reading from left to right.

12. Spry
Takes a different approach to organizing VPS hosting plans: by control panel. If having the choice of Plesk or cPanel is important to you, then browse the plans dedicated to each. Meanwhile, you can save about 50% by selecting from packages with the basic "Webmin" panel, which is fine for old school "command line" webmasters.

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