HostMonster vs. HostGator: Which Top 10 Hosting Site is Better?

Trying to decide between HostMonster and HostGator? Both hosting services are popular choices, offering a number of flexible hosting plans, valuable incentives and excellent customer service. However there are some distinct differences.


Which service is right for you? This article can help you compare the two hosting services so that you can make an informed decision as to which service best fits your web hosting needs.


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With one low price of $4.50 per month, regardless of contract length, HostMonster has more than earned its reputation for being the best hosting service for the money. In comparison, HostGator can run anywhere from $4.95-$8.95 per month, depending on the duration as well as whether you choose the “Hatchling” (one domain) or “Baby” (unlimited domains) shared hosting plan. However, HostGator also offers a monthly plan that costs $8.95 or $9.95 per month, whereas HostMonster requires at least a one year contract.


HostMonster and HostGator are similar in that neither charges any set-up fees – regardless of what plan you choose.


If you’re looking for flexibility and a short-term commitment, HostGator might be a smart option for you. However, if you’re ready to make at least a 1-year commitment, HostMonster is by far the better deal.


Both HostMonster and HostGator offer many competitive features such as easy-to-use design tools, ample disk space and monthly bandwidth, as well as unlimited e-mail. Both services feature several of the industry’s most recognized features and preferred brands that support popular web site functionality. These include:

  • cPanel – Enables you to easily manage your website using one of the most intuitive and popular web control panels around.
  • Fantastico – Offers a wide selection of free software and scripts that allow you to add interactive elements such as blogs, e-commerce, polls, surveys, forums, and more.
  • Front Page Extensions – Helps you to design your own web site.
  • MYSQL Databases – Allows you to store customer information.
  • Perl, PHP, Python & Ruby on Rails – Ensures that you can build your site using a variety of languages.

Both services have shopping cart capabilities, spam filters, streaming audio/video options, and internet access to email. FrontPage extensions allow you to customize your website.


HostGator also offers free access to over 4,500 website templates, making it easy to find a professional looking design and add it to your domain using the free website builder.


The two hosting services also offer ample amounts of bandwidth and disk space. HostMonster boasts unlimited bandwidth and disk space, whereas HostGator Hosting does not. If your site has very high traffic (several million page views per month) or is very image intensive, you might want to consider a dedicated or VPS hosting plan if choosing HostGator.


HostMonster and HostGator employ industry best practices to ensure optimal security. Both use Secure Shell Access and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) servers to ensure that any information exchanged between your customers and your website is secure.


Customer Service
A commitment to customer service is key to both services. Both offer 365/24/7 live chat, phone and email support. HostMonster and HostGator each have a responsive ticket system and a robust self-help section containing hundreds of articles on various web hosting topics.


The HostGator name has grown to become synonymous with top service in the web hosting industry. So much that the company’s owner – Brent Oxley – will even personally oversee the resolution of your inquiry if you request so on your support ticket. HostGator also offers a 99.9% website uptime guarantee and backs it up with a free month of free hosting if the 99.9% benchmark is not met.



  • HostMonster’s freebies include free domain names, free set up (with a two-year or longer commitment) and free Google and Yahoo Search Marketing credits.
  • Host Gator’s best freebie is access to the 4,500 free web templates we referenced earlier in this article.

Both services come with a money-back guarantee (30 days for HostMonster, 45 days for HostGator). If you are unhappy at anytime, simple ask for a refund.


HostMonster and HostGator are both great services that offer fast, reliable web hosting with excellent customer service. So what are key differentiators?

  • If you are looking for an inexpensive option that features popular web site building applications and tools – and are willing to engage in a longer contract agreement – you can’t go wrong with HostMonster, voted best host for the money.
  • If you are interested in a shorter-term commitment, free templates for designing your website, and/or unmatched customer service, then HostGator, could be a smart choice for you.

We hope this article assists you in your decision making process.

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