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Java Resources, Reference Guides and Tutorials

What is Java

-          Java Definition: Simple definition of Java from the official site.

-          Java FAQs: Lots of good information about Java including usability and applets.

-          Java Explanation: Explains what Java is and where it’s used.

-          Java Code FAQ: Has more information about the Java code.

-          Is Java accessible?: Discusses Java’s accessibility as well as what it’s used for.

-          Java Technology: Looks at the actual technology in depth.

-          Java: Shows the possibilities of Java.

Java Reference Guides

-          Detailed Guide: Has a detailed reference guide.

-          Quick Guide: Reference guide that’s mean to be used as a quick reference.

-          Java User Reference Guide: A longer reference guide for Java users.

-          Java Programming Guide: Guide to Java’s programming with instructions.

-          Beginner's Guide: A special beginner’s reference guide for newer users.

-          Java Reference Manual: Detailed reference manual from the government.

-          Online Manual: An online reference manual for Java users.

-          CUP User's Manual: Another manual for people who are learning to use Java correctly

-          Java Manual: Guide that discusses using Java for certain things.

Java Style Guides

-          Java Programming Style Guidelines: Detailed style guide with multiple helpful sections.

-          Style Guide: Style guide that helps with formatting, spacing, and more.

-          Java Programming Style Guide: Style guide that focuses on coding standards for programmers.

-          Dojo Style Guide: Another style guide that works off the official Java style guide.

-          Quick Reference Guide: A short style guide that’s meant to be used as a quick reference.

-          Java Coding Style Guide: Detailed guide from Java about proper codes.

-          Naming Guide: Style guide that explains naming as well as subjects like layout and others.

-          Java Language Coding Guidelines: Explains how to properly format language and words using Java.

-          Mozilla Guide: A style guide from Mozilla.

-          The Elements of Java Style: Discusses some important aspects of Java style.

-          Java Programming Style Guide: Another very detailed guide for people who are a bit more familiar with Java.

-          The Elements of Good Java Style: Discusses good style practices for Java.

-          Guide for Internet Documentation: A style guide to use for internet documentation.

-          Simple Style Guide: A simple style guide that addresses white space and more.

-          Rashbrook Guide: Another easy to use style guide for Java.

-          Gwydion Style Guide for Java: Guide from a group called the Gwydion Group.

-          Comment Style Guide: Explains about class layout, comments, and more.

-          Header Guide: Style guide that touches on subjects like formatting header space.

Java Tutorials

-          Brewing Java: A Tutorial: Very detailed guide that shows how to use java.

-          Sectioned Tutorial: Tutorial that’s broken up into multiple sections for easy use.

-          Getting Started: Good tutorial for beginning users.

-          Java 101: Another good guide for beginners just learning to use Java.

-          Java Applet Tutorial: Tutorial explaining how to use Java applets.

Differences between Java and Javascript

-          The Differences between Java and JavaScript: A list of differences between Java and Javascript.

-          Java vs Javascript: Article that discusses the main differences between Java and Javascript.

Javascript Tutorials

-          Bridge to Computer Science: Very detailed tutorial for Javascript.

-          Echo Tutorial: Detailed tutorial that’s broken up into easy-to-navigate sections.

-          JavaScript Tutorial Section: A good page with multiple sections on syntax, Javascript strings, and more.

-          JavaScript Tutorial for Programmers: Tutorial meant for programmers using Javascript.

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