Unlimited Domains Does Not Equal Unlimited Websites



One web hosting feature that is potentially confusing to new website owners or those that are purchasing web hosting for the first time is the “unlimited domain hosting” that many low cost web hosting companies aggressively sell. This does not mean that multiple websites can be hosted on one account (i.e. abc.com, xyz.com, 123.com). Unlimited domain hosting simply means that multiple domains can be pointed to one set of website files. For example, if your business is called ABC, maybe abc.com is the primary domain but you also point abc.net and abc.org to the same website. Learn how to point multiple domains to one website.


If you do need a web hosting account that will support multiple websites, whether it’s for a small business, non-profit organization or even personal use, InMotion Hosting is a good choice. If using sub-domains of the primary domain (i.e. example.abc.com) or using multiple domains with one website will suffice, then most of the web hosting companies in our top 10 web hosting list will meet your needs.


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