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Top 10 Domain Hosting: How to Get U.S. Based Customer Service

When you are running a website, you will likely encounter problems from time to time. Sometimes it is nothing more than a lack of understanding about how to perform a particular function, and other times it might be something a little more involved, like a problem with the service on the part of the web hosting provider. When you have problems with your host, you need reliable, understandable customer service.


Having a hosting provider that offers U.S. based customer service ensures that you will be able to understand the representative you are speaking with. This eliminates unnecessary problems that occur when you spend the majority of your time on the phone with the service department trying to understand each other. Here are four of the top 10 web hosting companies that all offer U.S. based customer service.



HostMonster is often labeled the most valuable host. It has a fairly low price, just $3.95 per month with a 24-month contract, but packs its packages with features. The host’s software is quite user friendly as well, which makes setting up your website simple. What’s even better, all phone support is based in the United States. You do not have to have a certain contract to get this. In addition, phone support and live chat are available at all times, and wait times are around two minutes or less for phone support.


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Top 10 Reasons to Use InMotion for Small Business Web Hosting

InMotion offers an affordable, yet feature-packed web hosting option that is ideal for small business owners.


For small business owners, finding reliable, yet affordable web hosting services is essential to online success. As your business grows, you simply can’t afford to pay too much for web hosting, yet at the same time, having a robust, consistent web presence is a must.


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1. Affordability

InMotion has three flexible pricing plans. The most popular is the Power plan, which as a great price yet many features perfect for business owners. It costs $9.95 per month for a 12-month contract or $8.95 for a 24-month contract. The Launch plan costs $7.95 per month for the 12-month contract and $6.95 for the 24-month contract. The Pro plan, which has more space and features, is $19.95 per month, but the rate drops to $18.95 if you sign a 12-month contract.


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