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Don’t Be Fooled: Unlimited Domain Hosting Does Not Equal Unlimited Website Hosting


Unlimited Domains Does Not Equal Unlimited Websites



One web hosting feature that is potentially confusing to new website owners or those that are purchasing web hosting for the first time is the “unlimited domain hosting” that many low cost web hosting companies aggressively sell. This does not mean that multiple websites can be hosted on one account (i.e.,, Unlimited domain hosting simply means that multiple domains can be pointed to one set of website files. For example, if your business is called ABC, maybe is the primary domain but you also point and to the same website. Learn how to point multiple domains to one website.


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IDNs: How To Host International Domain Name Extensions

When running an online business, the more people the site is available to the better. Obviously, the more people that can find your site, surf the pages, and make purchases, the more money you are going to make. As a result, international domain name (IDN) registration becomes a must in order to ensure you control your site domain name in all of the country specific top-level domain name extensions.


The three most common extensions for domain names today are .com, .org or .net. It is almost guaranteed your current site has one of these three as they are the main extensions to date. With an IDN domain name, you are able to keep the website domain name while having the country specific extension.


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Unlimited Domains: How To Host Multiple Domains For Your Website

How To Host Multiple Domains For Your Website


Traffic generation is just about the most crucial aspect to succeeding online. While there are countless ways to go about creating a consistent flow of traffic, it is by no means a simple task to actually make it happen. However, by pursuing unlimited domains hosting you can drive a tremendous amount of traffic to your website.


Hosting domains does require one to be able to follow technical instructions rather closely. Upon mastering the art of hosting several domains, you can grow your business and website remarkably. So how can one host unlimited domains?


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