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Web Hosting Companies that Offer Unlimited Disk Space & Bandwidth


“Unlimited.” When shopping for a shared web hosting service, it’s a popular word used frequently to describe a company’s selling points — in particular, “unlimited disk space and bandwidth.” In light of today’s web sites becoming more sophisticated, increasingly more and more businesses and individuals are turning to web hosting companies that provide unlimited disk space and bandwidth.


But what does “unlimited” really mean? Can a web hosting provider truly provide “unlimited” resources? And do you really need it? Let’s take a look at some key points, as well as a few recommended web hosting providers, to consider when shopping for unlimited disk space and bandwidth:


What does disk space and bandwidth have to do with my website?
Every website is made up of files. These files may be a collection of HTML pages, images, videos, audio, and databases. They can also contain email accounts, access logs, and installed programs or scripts. “Bandwidth” and “disk space” are terms that relate to how these files are stored and how your users access these files.


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With so many hosting companies out there these days – and so little time to make sense of which service might be the best hosting provider for you, it’s easy to get confused. To assist you in making your decision, this post compares the features and benefits of WebHostingHub, one the industry’s newest, with JustHost, one of the industry’s most popular web hosting companies.


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HostMonster or JustHost – Which Top 10 Hosting Site is Better?

HostMonster and JustHost are two of the biggest names in web hosting companies. Easy to use and affordable – both services offer similar features and benefits, making the task of choosing between the two a little tricky. While both hosting companies are smart choices, there are some distinct differences that should help you choose the one that is right for your website.


Compare HostMonster & JustHost on Our Expanded Comparison Chart


With regard to pricing, JustHost costs slightly less than HostMonster. For a two to three-year contract, JustHost charges $2.95 a month when you use the 50OFF coupon code. Plus, regardless of what contract length you choose, there are NO set up charges and a free domain number is always included. In comparison, if you choose a 24-month contract at HostMonster, it will cost $3.95 a month. While there is typically also a $30.00 set-up fee and $10.00 domain registration charge, both are waived if you choose a 12, 24, or 36-month contract.


Update: In February 2011, HostMonster changed its minimum contract to 1 year and now charges $4.50/month whether you purchase a 1, 2 or 3 year contract. There are no set-up fees and a free domain still comes with every package. If price is your primary concern, is one of the only places where you can purchase for only $2.95/month!


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