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Where can I buy a domain name for my site?

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Can people find out where I live based on my domain registration information?

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Can I host more than one site per account?

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Video #10: Hosting more than one website per account


With the proper research you should have no problem finding a reliable hosting provider that will meet your needs and demands. While you may have to do some searching, it will all be worthwhile when the time comes to host several sites from a single company. And even if you have one site today, it is always smart to plan for growth in the future.


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One of the starting points to beginning any business has to be finding a reliable and trustworthy web hosting provider. While searching for the perfect fit, there are several things to consider. If you are going to be running multiple sites or have various businesses, you will want to look at if the provider allows for more than one site to be hosted per account.


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