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WebHostingHub or InMotion Hosting: Which Top Ten Hosting Company is Better?

It’s no secret, at, we’re a big fan of WebHostingHub hosting service – so much so that we recently christened it the Top New Host for 2012. But how does it compare with InMotion Hosting, which we named Top Business Host for 2012? Let’s see how the two stack up:


Features and services:
Many may not realize that WebHostingHub is the sister brand of the industry’s leading business hosting provider InMotion Hosting. The two companies have a lot in common – they share the same data centers, servers, and customer support team. WebHostingHub is designed to meet the needs of individuals, home business and small business bloggers, while InMotion Hosting’s feature-rich hosting packages cater more to the needs of small to medium-sized business owners.


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Looking for an Easy-To-Use Web Hosting Control Panel? Get cPanel.

One of the biggest rising stars in the industry’s “best web hosting company” category is We’ve been talking up the company for a while now. With its smart, reliable hosting services, its Premium Website Builder (which makes web publishing a breeze) and its affordable pricing plans that start at $3.95 – really, what’s not to love?


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Don’t Be Fooled: Unlimited Domain Hosting Does Not Equal Unlimited Website Hosting


Unlimited Domains Does Not Equal Unlimited Websites



One web hosting feature that is potentially confusing to new website owners or those that are purchasing web hosting for the first time is the “unlimited domain hosting” that many low cost web hosting companies aggressively sell. This does not mean that multiple websites can be hosted on one account (i.e.,, Unlimited domain hosting simply means that multiple domains can be pointed to one set of website files. For example, if your business is called ABC, maybe is the primary domain but you also point and to the same website. Learn how to point multiple domains to one website.


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