Transfer a Website with no Downtime

At some point, you may choose to change web hosting services. Whether you want to save money, your website requires more bandwidth, or you simply want to take advantage of advanced features and services, there are a number of smart and practical reasons for making the switch to a different hosting provider.


However, like many, you may be reluctant to switch web hosting services for fear of downtime. Downtime occurs when a website goes offline or becomes unavailable for a period of time as a result of a network or transmission failure. If you are using your website to operate your business, accept payments, drive sales, or build brand awareness, I think you will agree that time is money, and downtime can often wind up being very costly for a website.


So how can you transfer you website to a hosting service and experience little to no downtime? Choose hosting providers such as who makes transferring your web site easy and effortless. Their worry-free, no-downtime transfer process provides you with everything you need to confidently migrate your website in four simple steps:


1. Sign up with
2. Set up your emails and transfer your website files
3. Check your site from your free temporary URL
4. Transfer your domain name


Perhaps the biggest reason many website owners experience costly downtime issues when switching hosting providers is that they haven’t taken the precaution necessary to ensure that all of their website information has been successfully transferred over to the new server before they change and redirect their domain name server (DNS). resolves that problem by providing you with access to a temporary URL. This allows you to upload your files, create your email accounts and ensure that everything is working correctly before you transfer your domain and cancel your plan with your existing provider.


When switching your website to a new hosting account, it isn’t necessary to move your domain name registration as well, as your domain name’s name servers can be adjusted to point at any hosting account. However, if you do decide to move your domain name (because you prefer keeping all of your accounts with one company or because maybe you got a great deal on renewal registrations by changing hosting providers), you’ll need to release the URL from your previous registrar’s account.


Different registrars have different processes for conducting domain name transfers, but you’ll likely need to supply a code from your old registrar to your new registrar indicating that you want to move your domain name. While it’s not rocket scientist, it the process can be confusing and time consuming.


Another option is taking advantage of’s Domain Concierge Service. For just $25 a domain,’s expert support staff will do the dirty work for you. They will initiate the transfer process, get the official transfer codes from your former vendor, move the domains, and then notify you when the process has been completed. It doesn’t get much easier than that! has been in business for more than a decade and is consistently ranked #1 as being one of the best hosting providers in the business. Whether you’re starting a website from scratch or looking to move a site to another web hosting company, we recommend checking out for a wide range of helpful tools and features that can help you do either — all for a low, competitive price.

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