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Top Web Hosting Deals for Black Friday & Cyber Monday

If you’re looking for a deal on a new web hosting package, here are some of the top web hosting offers for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and beyond:

  • HostGator: 50% off on all web hosting services. This includes shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers and Windows hosting! This is one of the biggest sales on web hosting every year but it only lasts one day.

  • IX Hosting: 55% off the Expert Web Hosting Plan starting Friday, November 23rd and lasting through Wednesday, November 28th.

  • FatCow: Monthly cost on its regular web hosting package has been reduced almost 15% from $3.67/month to $3.15/month until Tuesday, November 27th.

  • iPage: One of the best deals as the monthly price has been slashed over 40% from $3.50/month to just $1.99/month from today until next Tuesday.

  • HostMonster & BlueHost: Take $1 off the monthly price of $4.95 to $3.95 on Black Friday only.

Learn more about all these web hosting companies starting with our Top 10 Web Hosting list.

Why FatCow Is One of the Top 10 Best Web Hosting Companies

FatCow Web Hosting

Web designers and website owners always look for two things when choosing a web hosting company: affordability combined with plenty of services. FatCow provides both of these in one compact little package that makes it one of the top 10 best web hosting companies on the Internet.




FatCow offers one of the most affordable packages on the Internet. It costs just $3.67 a month to host your site with them. This low price requires a one or two year contract. There is no pricing penalty for choosing the shorter contract. The price covers a comprehensive plan and has no set-up fee.


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Comprehensive Plan


Often low-cost web hosting companies offer several plans. The low-cost option is short on features, but is enough to bring in traffic to the site. FatCow does not operate this way. For the same low price, ever customer gets the same package, with the exception of one upgrade that allows for slightly faster technical support. The package includes many features, some of the best of which are as follows:


•    Ability to add Front Page extensions to personalize the website
•    Google Site Search
•    Ability to accept online payments via PayPal
•    Script Barn
•    Shopping cart capability
•    MySQL databases to store customer information
•    Accepts a variety of languages: Python, Perl, PHP, Ruby on Rails
•    North American phone support 24/7
•    Online support 24/7
•    $75 free for AdWords and Yahoo! Search Marketing


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Top Domain Hosts: How to Get a Free Domain with Your Web Hosting Purchase

Setting up a website is not always the most affordable thing you could do. First you have to design it, which might cost you something if you are not yourself a designer. Then you have to buy a domain name. Finally, you have to host the site. One way you can save a little money is to get your web hosting through one of the top domain hosts. Not only are most of the top hosting companies the cheapest out there, but most of them also offer a free domain name.


Compare Top 10 Web Hosting & Free Domain Names


Why They Do This

The main reason that web hosting providers offer free domain names with their packages is competition. If the competition is offering this and one particular company is not, you will likely move on. There is simply too little difference between the various providers for you to be willing to lose out on a freebie like this.


The other reason is to get customers. Offering a free domain name is a huge marketing point. They can offer it as a “free gift,” drawing customers in.


Finally, because these web hosting companies register so many domain names each year, they can get a great rate on the registration and renewal. The cost to them is much lower than it would be to you, so in the end both you and the host win. They win because they get your business, and you win because you do not have to pay for your domain name.


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