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Why Top 10 Web Hosts Give Away Free Domain Names

Free Domains

If you have not yet registered a domain name for your website, you might want to wait. Unless you want a name that is going to be very popular, you might be able to save some money on the domain name by waiting until choosing a website host. This is because most of the top 10 web hosting companies actually give away the domain name for free. In fact, some companies will even give you a free domain name for the life of your web hosting contract.


Compare Top 10 Web Hosting & Free Domain Names




One reason that web hosts will give you a free domain name is to help them keep up with the competition. In this industry, most web hosting companies are quite similar in the features they offer. They need a way to help themselves stand out from the crowd, and often the freebies that they include with a contract give just that.


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Top Domain Hosts: How to Get a Free Domain with Your Web Hosting Purchase

Setting up a website is not always the most affordable thing you could do. First you have to design it, which might cost you something if you are not yourself a designer. Then you have to buy a domain name. Finally, you have to host the site. One way you can save a little money is to get your web hosting through one of the top domain hosts. Not only are most of the top hosting companies the cheapest out there, but most of them also offer a free domain name.


Compare Top 10 Web Hosting & Free Domain Names


Why They Do This

The main reason that web hosting providers offer free domain names with their packages is competition. If the competition is offering this and one particular company is not, you will likely move on. There is simply too little difference between the various providers for you to be willing to lose out on a freebie like this.


The other reason is to get customers. Offering a free domain name is a huge marketing point. They can offer it as a “free gift,” drawing customers in.


Finally, because these web hosting companies register so many domain names each year, they can get a great rate on the registration and renewal. The cost to them is much lower than it would be to you, so in the end both you and the host win. They win because they get your business, and you win because you do not have to pay for your domain name.


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