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Top 10 Domain Hosting: How to Get U.S. Based Customer Service

When you are running a website, you will likely encounter problems from time to time. Sometimes it is nothing more than a lack of understanding about how to perform a particular function, and other times it might be something a little more involved, like a problem with the service on the part of the web hosting provider. When you have problems with your host, you need reliable, understandable customer service.


Having a hosting provider that offers U.S. based customer service ensures that you will be able to understand the representative you are speaking with. This eliminates unnecessary problems that occur when you spend the majority of your time on the phone with the service department trying to understand each other. Here are four of the top 10 web hosting companies that all offer U.S. based customer service.



HostMonster is often labeled the most valuable host. It has a fairly low price, just $3.95 per month with a 24-month contract, but packs its packages with features. The host’s software is quite user friendly as well, which makes setting up your website simple. What’s even better, all phone support is based in the United States. You do not have to have a certain contract to get this. In addition, phone support and live chat are available at all times, and wait times are around two minutes or less for phone support.


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Which Top 10 Hosting Site Is Better – HostMonster or FatCow?

HostMonster and FatCow are almost always found on the lists of top web hosting companies. These two are some of the most frequently used hosts, and choosing between them is sometimes a challenge. While they have similar features and benefits, there are some distinct differences that should help you choose the one that is right for your website.


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The price is not much different between the two plans. For a one to two-year contract, FatCow charges $3.67. With coupon codes and current special pricing, you can get a 24-month contract for $3.95 a month with HostMonster. However, HostMonster offers shorter contracts, at a higher price, which may fit your needs better. A three or six month contract, for instance, is $9.95.


Update: In February 2011, HostMonster changed its minimum contract to 1 year and now charges $4.50/month whether you purchase a 1, 2 or 3 year contract. There are no set-up fees and a free domain still comes with every package. If price is your primary concern, has a special price on for only $2.95/month!


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