FatCow Web Hosting

Web designers and website owners always look for two things when choosing a web hosting company: affordability combined with plenty of services. FatCow provides both of these in one compact little package that makes it one of the top 10 best web hosting companies on the Internet.




FatCow offers one of the most affordable packages on the Internet. It costs just $3.67 a month to host your site with them. This low price requires a one or two year contract. There is no pricing penalty for choosing the shorter contract. The price covers a comprehensive plan and has no set-up fee.


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Comprehensive Plan


Often low-cost web hosting companies offer several plans. The low-cost option is short on features, but is enough to bring in traffic to the site. FatCow does not operate this way. For the same low price, ever customer gets the same package, with the exception of one upgrade that allows for slightly faster technical support. The package includes many features, some of the best of which are as follows:


•    Ability to add Front Page extensions to personalize the website
•    Google Site Search
•    Ability to accept online payments via PayPal
•    Script Barn
•    Shopping cart capability
•    MySQL databases to store customer information
•    Accepts a variety of languages: Python, Perl, PHP, Ruby on Rails
•    North American phone support 24/7
•    Online support 24/7
•    $75 free for AdWords and Yahoo! Search Marketing



In addition to these features, the FatCow hosting package offers many unlimited options. For instance, customers can set up unlimited domain names per account. This allows them to direct several web addresses to a website’s main home page. Unlimited email accounts with a domain-specific address are also available. FatCow advertises unlimited disk space and bandwidth. This is not technically unlimited, but for the average website that uses 20 megabytes or less of disk space and 10 gigabytes or less of bandwidth, the host is perfect.


Keep Customers and Business Information Secure


In addition to plenty of room and excellent features that allow the website builder to truly customize the site, FatCow has excellent security protocol in place. This protects both the website itself and any customers that use it from hackers, viruses, and spyware. FatCow employs SSL secure servers with 128-bit encryption. This protects the information sent to your site by your visitors. This is necessary for any websites that request user information or take user payments.


In addition, FatCow protects the website its self by storing the servers in a data center that uses both physical and online security measures to keep everything safe. Industrial firewalls and actual security personnel monitor the servers at all times.


Predictable Reliability


If your host has an outage, your website will not be live. FatCow protects against this by using the latest hardware with load balancing technology to ensure that the servers run efficiently. In addition, FatCow keeps backup generators in place and performs daily server backups, which ensures that if there ever were a problem, your website will still be there.


All in all, FatCow is easy to use and safe. Its one main drawback is that it does not offer cPanel, one of the easiest to use control panels, but it does have a simple V-Deck control panel that most can use and is customizable. If you are looking for a way to host your website affordably but reliably, consider FatCow.

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